Winter Swimming Season 2023-2024 Event Calendar​

Find a list of this year’s events. Seven events in total, starting as early as November and up to March of next year.

By James Samford

28 Oct 2023

We are glad to announce the event list for season 2023-2024. A total of 7 events will welcome winter swimmers from around the world, with 4 events being stages of the IWSA World Cup.


Stockholm Winter Swim Open 2023, 18 Nov 2023, Stockholm, Sweden (regular event).

La Coupe De Noel 2023, 16 to 17 Dec 2023, Geneve, Switzerland (regular event).

Morocco World Cup, 12 to 14 Jan 2024, Bin El Ouidane, Morocco (first stage of the IWSA World Cup).

Gdynia World Cup, 26 to 28 Jan 2024, Gdynia, Poland (second stage of the IWSA World Cup).

Scandinavian Winter Swimming Championship, 9 to 10 Feb 2024, Skellftea, Sweden (third stage of the IWSA World Cup).

Memphremagog Winter Swimming Festival, 23 to 25 Feb 2024, Vermont, the US (regular event).

Winter Swimming World Championship 2024, 4 to 10 Mar 2024, Tallinn, Estonia (final stage of the IWSA World Cup).

Wishing all winter swimmers a bright and chilly swimming season. You’re always welcome to join events you wish and we’ll be happy to see as much of you as possible.

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