We Have a New Facebook Page

This is not a joke and we haven’t been hacked, we actually do have a new Facebook page.

By James Samford

12 May 2024

Due to reasons we currently aren’t able to disclose, we no longer have access to our original Facebook page.

We have created a new Facebook page where you can contact us if needed, as we no longer have access to messaging and comments, as well as directly posting content.

Please be aware that our only official email is info@iwsa.world and we don’t have a phone number associated with IWSA.

Follow our new Facebook page to stay in the loop for updates. We are currently awaiting Facebook’s approval period in order to get a personalised link. We also may change the link to our Instagram page, but that isn’t yet set in stone, we’ll let you know if we do.

Thank you for your time and keep your pages safe.

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