Records are Live and Waiting

We are glad to announce that records are once more live on our website.

By James Samford

13 Feb 2024

To those who follow our social media must have already seen the latest news on our website’s development path. Due to many requests and enquiries, we decided to push forward the development of record tables.

Where Can I Find the Records?

You can easily find the record page in the upper menu of the website or by visiting

What’s New?

The following was developed:

  • A nest page for all records to be held in a single place.
  • All records were reviewed and updated.
  • New stylization of the record table.
  • Updated categories (A1 to J4 and EA to EJ3).

Going further, we plan to add the absolute record table and once more return the functionality to generate and download certificates.

Stay on the look out for news and updates as we go forward.

4 Responses

  1. Hello,
    During Bled WSC 2023, in category D; a new world record has been established by Francois-Xavier FILIAS on the 200m breaststroke with 2’43″66. It is not mentioned.
    Thanks for your answer.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the notice. The following tables have not yet been updated with results from WSWC 2023 due to the overall development of our new website. We will review them and update accordingly.

    1. Hi Nadja,
      This is yet to be discussed by the IWSA member board on how to present records for Para swimmers. Once there’s a solution, we’ll inform our audience via social media and website.

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