US Winter Swimming Championships 2015

23.02.2015 IWSA NEWS

The first USWSA Championships held in conjunction with Kingdom Games in beautiful Lake Memphremagog (Newport Parks and Recreation Department).

41 Pioneers of Winter Swimming from all over the world traveled to Newport competing in 25, 50 and 100 meter in icy waters and represented were 10 countries, (USA, Finland, Latvia, Chile, UK, South Africa, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and Australia) and 8 States, (Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Montana, Delaware).

Spectators at the event noted that the swimmers seemed positively cheerful throughout the day, and remarkably unfazed as they not only entered the 30F degree (-1,11 C) water wearing only bathing suits, but also when climbing out of the water, post-heat, into a strong westerly wind and blizzard, with air temps hovering around 15F (-9,5 C) by mid-afternoon (before wind chill).  For race results, click here.

NPR aired a story about the championships
VPR interviewed organizer Phil White and native Vermont racer Brynna Tucker

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