Season 2018/2019 has begun!

27.11.2018 IWSA NEWS

We welcome you all to season 2018/2019. The new season has officially started with the Jelgavas Roni Cup, once again being the first stage of the IWSA World Cup.

This time, more than 230 swimmers, from more than 20 countries took part in this stunning event. The event was split into 2 days, with longer races on the first and relays and shorter races on the second day. A more detailed description of how the event went can be found in the post release.

With one stage behind, we have 4 stages of the IWSA World Cup to go, two of which are completely new. After Minsk Open (the second stage), winter swimming returns to Bled, Slovenia, 10 years after the Winter Swimming World Championships 2010, with the first Winter Swimming World Cup at Lake Bled, to be held on January 31, 2019. Registration has opened, so head on to and register! Also, if you missed the news, the Winter Swimming World Championships 2020 will be held in Bled, Slovenia.

Aerial shot of Lake Bled, future arena for the Winter Swimming World Cup.

After Bled, the fourth stage will be set in Skelleftea, Sweden, followed by the newcomer - the 1st Open Winter Swimming Championships of Karelia to be held March 27 in Petrozavodsk, Russia. Registration is already open, visit and register now!Aerial shot of the future swimming area in Petrozavodsk, Russia.

This concludes our message, follow us on social media to stay alert on updates and have a fruitful winter swimming season! I

In the meanwhile, feel free to watch a video review from Jelgavas Roni Cup 2018.

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