Royal Cercle Theux Natation ASBL joins IWSA

15.06.2015 IWSA NEWS

Congratulations to the club from Belgium “Royal Cercle Theux Natation ASBL” ( regarding of joining the International Winter Swimming Association!

The RCTN was created on November 21st, 1937 under the name ‘Cercle Theux Natation’. It was originally a ‘warm water’ swimming club. What means that members trained only during the Summer season. In addition to swimming, the club also practiced water-polo, what brought them a lot of medals during the next 20 years. The ICE swimming was introduced in 1956 on the initiative of our present Coach and President, Richard Buche. Year after year, this discipline became the speciality of the club.

In 1972, the name of the CTN became well known all around Belgium as it received the Sport Achievement Award. 1976 was also a real important year as the CTN swimmers collaborated to important medical studies on cardiac behavior in stressful icy water conditions. For its 50th Birthday, in 1987, the club received the famous title ‘ROYAL’ and became the Royal Cercle Theux Natation. Let’s forget the 90’s when the club survived at a very slow rhythm… Sometimes with only a few dozens of swimmers.

Happily, the years 2000 saw a revival of the activity… More and more new swimmers joined the RTCN and the club counts now more tha 100 swimmers, from 6 to 77 years old, training twice a week in their open air pool.

The RCTN is one of the only two French-speaking  Belgian clubs. It regularly appears on the Belgian televisions and in the press thanks to its organizations of ice swimming championships and ice swimming events in the local lakes. Further to their numerous successes in the Belgian pools, members are now really willing to extend their ice swimming experience out of our boarders. After a few competitions in Finland, Siberia and UK, young and elder are training with more and more enthusiasm in order to participate to IWSA Championships.

– Next year, our great hope is to get brand new premises. Finally, it will be possible to warm up under hot showers, to change in real comfortable rooms and have a drink in a cosy cafeteria and, thus, to invite all our IWSA friends for a great time in Belgian water!

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