The season 2016/17 has begun

29.11.2016 IWSA NEWS

The winter swimming season 2016/17 has officially begun, with the 8th Jelgavas Roņi Cup as first event. For the second time, the 1st stage of IWSA World Cup was held in November the 4th and 5th, 2016 in the beautiful city Jelgava.

This year, the event was devided into 2 days - 450m endurance swim on November 4th, and shorter distances (25m freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, 50m freestyle) on the second day, November 4th.

202 winter swimmers from 17 countries (Latvia, Estonia, Russia, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Belarus, France, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, USA, Chile and Jamaica) took part in the 8th Jelgavas Roņi Cup. There were 337 individual starts in total among all distance. Also, a massive competition could be spotted in the relay team swims - 15 teams fought in 2 age groups - S1, less than 200 years (the sum of ages of participants) and S2, more than 200 years in sum. The best result of the S1 group was shown by the Estonian team “ Tallinn Winter Swimming Center”, and "U-klubi" from the S2 group, who also are from Estonia. Each team was rewarded with a JRC cup.

Also, for the second year in a row, countries could compete for the Nations Cup - a special prize of the JRC, which was given to the winter swimming club of one country, who brought maximum points. Same as last year, the cup was awarded to Latvia, with the Jelgavas Roņi in the lead.

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