IWSA World Cup season 2016/17 finale

24.04.2017 IWSA NEWS

As some of you may already know, the last event of this season was the 8th Pirita Open, which for the first time, was held at the Old City Marina, the future venue of the Winter Swimming World Championships 2018.

With the swims finished, the award ceremony for the IWSA World Cup was held at Kochi Aidad, a restaurant near the competition center.

We are happy that the number of participants, taking part in the IWSA World Cup is steadily growing, and this year, a total of 1394 were competing.

This year, the absolute winner awarded with the IWSA World Cup was Igor Lukin (in male age groups) and Ludmila Maller (in female age groups), both being from Russia. Last year, these awards were given to Christof Wandratsch (in male age groups) from Germany, and Jaimie Monahan (in female age groups) from USA.

We would like to congratulate this year's winners and medalists of the IWSA World Cup and we are glad to see, that more people are taking up the challenge, and participating. We look forward for the upcoming season and the Winter Swimming World Championships 2018. We would also like to thank the organizers of all the stages of this season:

Jelgavas Roni club (Latvia), Kasatka DV (Russia), Chill Swim (UK), Winter Swimming Association of China, Dark & Cold (Sweden), Tallinn Winter Swimming Center (Estonia), for this fantastic events. 

If you are interested in the results from all of the stages, visit the following link.

With each event, we try to improve the quality of the IWSA World Cup stages and make the winter swimmers experience an unforgettable one.

We thank all of the winter swimmers, who participating in this seasons events and made this season such an amazing experience.

The new calendar for season 2017/2018 will include 5 or 6 stages of the IWSA World Cup with the following host countries - Latvia, Russia, Belarus, UK, Sweden and Estonia (follow our updates to know precise).

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