IWSA World Cup Season 17/18 Review

27.03.2018 IWSA NEWS

With the season over, now is a great time to review the results of IWSA World Cup season 2017/18.

Every season, the total amount of participants is growing, and this year, a total of 1456 winter swimmers were part of the IWSA World Cup. From them, we had 842 male participants and 614 female participants, respectively. A total of 40 countries from all around the world were represented during this season.

Time shows, that age is just a number - the youngest participants to compete this season were Jade Isomaa (from Finland club "Loimaan Uimaseura"aged 10 group"A1"-F) and Aleksandr Mihailenko Jr. (from Latvia club "Jelgavas Roni", aged 10 group"A1"-M), while on the other side, Anna Semenova 92 years old (from Russia club "Victoria") and Iosif Plagov 83 years old (from United States Chicago), was the oldest participants, representing age group J2, earning 27 and 30 points overall, and they placing fourth in their age groups, with Anja Selenius (from Finland) and Richard Buche (from Belgium) coming in first.

The award ceremony was held during the gala party of the Winter Swimming World Championships 2018, at the beautiful Seaplane Harbour (Estonian Maritime Museum). The overall winner of this season (drum-roll) is Igor Lukin, representing Russia, in male and Oksana Beletskaya, also from Russia, in female. So, this year both of the world cups travel to Russia. Congratulations to the winners of this season, you've showed an outstanding performance and great results!

Season 2018/19 events will be published soon in our Events page. Stay updated on the news and follow us on social media.

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