IWSA World Cup goes to Vladivostok

08.11.2016 IWSA NEWS

This year, the second stage of the IWSA World Cup, for the first time ever, will be hosted in the majestic city of Vladivostok Russia, with the First Russian Pacific Winter Swimming Open Cup.

The event will be hosted for 3 days, starting from November 17 and ending on November 20. Over 800 participants from all over the world (Russia, China, USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, France, Italy, Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Brasil, Argentina, Israel, Chile and many more)  will take part in this event. It truly is an international event.

The site for the event consists of 2 places. The first one is "Seven Feet", the biggest yacht club of Vladivostok, and the second place is the Pacific fleet swimming area, which is also a training center for navy officers.

Regarding the distances, all of the participants may compete in the following swims:

  • 25m Breasstroke,
  • 25m Butterfly,
  • 25m Freestyle,
  • 50m Freestyle,
  • 50m Breasstroke,
  • 100m Freestyle,
  • 200m Freestyle,
  • 450m Freestyle,
  • 4x25m Team Relay Breasstroke,
  • 4x25m Team Relay Freestyle
  • Freestyle winter swimmer show.

Quite a package to choose from, we would say.

This is going to be a spectacular event and the first ever event in Vladivostok, do miss a chance to be a part of it. For more information regarding registration, and a detailed program of the competition, please visit swimming.russkygrandprix.ru

See you in Vladivostok!

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