First time for IWSA, 50th For Belgium

24.01.2017 IWSA NEWS

Our friends from Belgium, the Cool Huy winter swimming club, invite us and all of our members to the 50th Winter Swim Across Meuse River. As it is their first year in IWSA, and the 50th annual swim across Meuse river, they decided to celebrate this event by inviting winter swimmers from all around the world and make it an international event.

For the event of the program, including tourist attractions and entertainment activities, visit this link.

For those who wish to come earlier, you are welcome to visit the city of Huy and get to know the local culture!

For more information, please visit For registration or any other questions, you can contact the organizer via the webpage provided or contact us and we will forward your message.

Don't miss a unique chance to be part of this event and visit Belgium, while enjoying a swim in the Meuse River.

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