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23.02.2018 IWSA NEWS

As we are waiting for the 5th stage of the IWSA World Cup, now is a good time to remember the previous stage, held in Minsk, Belarus.

It was the 3rd Minsk Open, and the first time this event being a stage of the IWSA World Cup. As a reminder, competition was held from Jan 17 to Jan 21, 2018 - 5 magnificent days of winter swimming.

Minsk welcomed a total of 325 swimmers from 14 different countries, thus topping last years event. This year non-timed swims were also a part of the programme, thus bringing 48 people and introducing them to winter swimming and IWSA events. The event was held in the centre of Minsk, making the pool surrounded by the beauty of this city.

The youngest to participate was Akim Gnedchik, being 9 years old, and the oldest swimmer was Valentin Tolkachev, being 87 years old.

A great event, a great city to visit. We look forward to next years event. If you are looking for results, visit Results for the IWSA World Cup can be found here.

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