Belgart cup - a 6 stage winter swimming event from Belarus

22.04.2017 IWSA NEWS

As some of you may have already spotted, this year Belarus joined IWSA and had its first event, the 2nd Minsk Open, featured in the IWSA event calendar.

But this was not the only event happening in the Belarus winter swimming scene. Meet the Belgart Cup - a series of 6 competitive stages in winter swimming, during a period from October 22, 2016, until April 9, 2017.

Competitions were held at the Komsomolskoye Lake in the center of Minsk, at the rescue station of the Minsk City Organization of the Rescue Society (OSVOD). The equipped outdoor 25-meter long swimming pool with 6 lanes has been organized for the distances of 25, 50, 100, 200 meters of breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly, 4x25m relay, and 450 and 1000 meter endurance swims (in accordance with IWSA rules and standards).

During the multiple stages of the cup, air temperature varied from +6°C in October to + 11°C in April and -15°C to +1°C from December to January. The water temperature was from +2.2°C to +6.8°C in the warmer months and from 0°C to +1,5°C during the colder months.

The competition was attended by 270 swimmers, from them, 69 were women and 201 men.  The age of the youngest participant was 9 years old, while the oldest was 77 years old.

The following countries (a total of 11) participated this year: Belarus, Austria, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Russia (15 regions), Ukraine, France, Estonia, Germany.

We thank all the participants for the unity and further rallying in the promotion of hardening and winter swimming and look forward to new starts next season of the "Belarusian federation of hardening and sport winter swimming".

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