7th Pirita Open

01.03.2016 IWSA NEWS

On a beautiful sunny day, the 7th Pirita Open was held at the magnificent city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

The competition was held at Pirita Olympic Sailing Center, which was used for the 1980 summer Olympics. A place filled with a special spirit. The pool was located on the dockside of river Pirita, near Pirita SPA Hotel and yacht club. This year, the 7th Pirita Open welcomed 232 competitors from 19 different countries from different parts of the World. The distances listed for competitors to attend were 25 meter breaststroke, 50, 100 and 200 meters freestyle and team relay swims.

Competitors of almost all ages were enjoying the thrill of the ice water of Pirita Open. The youngest to compete was Sofia Karkacheva (in female) from Russia and Dawid Tolloczko (in male) from Poland. The oldest competitor to swim was Boris Ratushnyi (in male) from Russia.

The 7th Pirita Open was the 4th stage of the Winter Swimming World Cup with the Winter Swimming World Championships ahead to be the last, 5th stage.

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