The 4th Open Scandinavian Championships in Winter Swimming

07.02.2015 IWSA NEWS

On 7 February the association Dark & Cold held the Open Scandinavian Championships in Winter Swimming in Skellefteå with about 200 swimmers. Participants from nine countries were on hand to atribute for the medals. Alar Lodi and Aivar Rosenberg, Estonia and Sinne Lundgaard, of Denmark, were the championship’s most successful swimmers with four gold medals each.

Previously, Dark & Cold only organized races of 25 meters. But this time, there were also 50 meters and 450 meters.
– We are very happy with the competition which continues to grow from year to year. Now we are ready to take it to the next level and receive many more foreign swimmers, the goal is to stage the Winter Swimming World Championships in 2018, says Lars Westerlund, chairman of Dark & Cold.Dark & Cold also took the opportunity to launch two new sports in conjunction with the event “Frostens Day” which took place on February 8 in Kåge Harbour. It was Championships in snow angels and child-curling, where children curled on the ice into saucers to come closest to a specified target.
– Next year, we will develop these branches and also launch new sports. The competition in Winter Swimming will eventually develop into a week-long winter festival, says Lars Westerlund.
Co-organizers of the Scandinavian Championship Winter Swimming were the association Skelleftesim, Skellefteå Municipality and the newspaper Norran.

Association of Dark & Cold have base in Kusfors, in Northern Västerbotten and operates on a voluntary basis to develop positive experiences in those parts of the world that has a long period of darkness and cold. It all comes down to, in collaboration with other stakeholders, further refining the dark and cold to something that enriches life for both those who live in these areas and for those who have the privilege to visit this part of the world.

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