2 new members joined IWSA

13.03.2017 IWSA NEWS

We are glad to announce, that 2 more members joined IWSA during the 2016/17 winter swimming season.

A warm welcome for Mongolia and Australia as the new members of IWSA. The first to join was Australia, after our visit to the National Winter Swimming Championships, and officially became a member in October 2016.

Mongolia became a member closer to the end of the season. The official decision to make Mongolia a member of IWSA was made in February 2017 and a member certificate was awarded to Sh.Davaadorj of the Mongolian Winter Swimming Association on March 4, during the after party of the 8th Pirita Open. During season 2016/17, he was an active participant in multiple stages of the IWSA World Cup and other events of the IWSA event calendar.

We welcome our new members to IWSA and thank them for joining us. Let's all enjoy winter swimming!

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