Winter Swimming World Records

Absolute Records

Dive into the world of winter swimming and check out the absolute records for all distances. See the impressive achievements of brave swimmers, officially recognized and celebrated by the International Winter Swimming Association.

GenderSwimmerDistanceAge GroupCountryDateEventTime
Alexandra Degtyareva25 Meter BreaststrokebBY2019-03-291st Karelia Open00:16.96
Egor Rubtsov25 Meter BreaststrokebRU2020-01-12Jinan Winter Swimming World Cup 202000:14.40
Margarita Karpacheva25 Meter FreestylebRU2016-11-191st Russian Pacific Open Cup00:13.21
Aleksandr Morgunov25 Meter FreestylecRU2017-11-172nd Russian Pacific Open Cup00:11.16
Karolina Mordovtseva25 Meter Butterflya2RU2020-03-01St. Petersburg Big Neva Cup 202000:14.60
Bruno Vītoliņš25 Meter Butterflya2LV2019-11-02Jelgavas Roni Kauss 201900:12.04
Aleksandra Bednarek50 Meter BreaststrokebPL2018-03-10Winter Swimming World Championships 201800:37.89
Przemyslaw Gorczyca50 Meter BreaststrokecPL2024-01-28Gdynia World Cup 202400:31.33
Alexandra Degtyareva50 Meter FreestylebBLR2019-03-30Petrozavodsk World Cup V stage00:28.71
Aleksandr Morgunov50 Meter FreestylecRU2017-11-172nd Russian Pacific Open Cup00:24.75
Veronika Kuznetsova100 Meter Breaststrokea2RU2021-03-252nd Karelia Open01:16.18
Vladislav Sapozhnikov100 Meter BreaststrokebRU2021-03-252nd Karelia Open01:08.37
Margarita Karpacheva100 Meter FreestylebRU2021-03-262nd Karelia Open01:03.32
Yaroslav Pronin100 Meter FreestylebBY2018-03-06Winter Swimming World Championships 201800:54.38
Aleksandra Bednarek200 Meter BreaststrokeebPL2018-03-07Winter Swimming World Championships 201803:00.53
Lev Pushkov200 Meter BreaststrokeebRU2021-03-262nd Karelia Open02:33.91
Julia Wittig200 Meter FreestyleecDE2018-03-07Winter Swimming World Championships 201802:23.08
Yaroslav Pronin200 Meter FreestyleebBY2017-11-172nd Russian Pacific Open Cup02:02.59
Ines Hahn450 Meter FreestyleebDE2018-03-06Winter Swimming World Championships 201805:40.57
Yaroslav Pronin450 Meter FreestyleebBY2017-11-03Jelgavas Roni Cup 201705:15.34
Elina Mäkinen1000 Meter FreestyleebFI2016-12-115th Big Chill Swim14:58.00
Christof Wandratsch1000 Meter FreestyleeeDE2016-02-074th Big Chill Swim12:42.27