About us

Welcome to IWSA International Winter Swimming Association, a preeminent global organization dedicated to developing safe swimming events in cold water. Our history stems from Finland, where swimming in cold water is a national tradition just like sauna. We have many years of experience to bring our sport competitions to the world class standard.  Whether you prefer a quick 25m sprint or choose a longer and extreme swim for 450m or for 1000m, we will assure your swim safe and healthy.  Swimmers of all ages and experience are welcome. We have developed a comprehensive Calendar of events.

A culmination of all events is the biannual Winter Swimming World Championship.

Starting from 2015, a series of the Winter Swimming World Cup stages are held in different countries of the world.

The IWSA Winter Swimming World Ranking and Records from all standard events are providing and keeping the table, updating every season.

As our sport grows, we encourage cold water swimming clubs to organize their own competitions.  Swimmer’s safety is our paramount concern. We offer the clubs comprehensive advice on safety and pool preparation. We approve events that comply with IWSA Water Temperature Classification limiting the swim distances depending on the weather conditions at event location. We help to research health benefits of cold water swimming which is a lifestyle for many participants of our events.  They all know that wherever you are, the worldwide wellbeing generated from swimming in cold water is universal.

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We look forward to seeing you in the winter swimming season!